4 Aug 2013

Review of Goat/Teeth of the Sea at the Electric Ballroom

This review has just been published on the site called DSO:

Goat/Teeth of The Sea
Electric Ballroom, London - 27 June 2013

"A balaclava-wearing, bare-bellied, tom-tom player sat front of stage for the entire set"

Goat were originally booked for the Scala, but due to the almost universal critical acclaim for their debut album World Music the venue was upscaled to the Electric Ballroom, which then sold out too. 

If you are unfamiliar, they sound like they dropped through a hole in the sky from the height of Sixties psychedelia warped through Seventies Prog. Even the production sounds from another era. 

Expecting a crowd, the venue was remarkably empty at the beginning of Teeth Of The Sea's set. A shame for those who missed it, as the scattering of people in attendance were treated to a highly accomplished set of full on progressive space rock. Long, building, rhythmic tracks given time for their tendrils to explore the room with budding synth and effects, before flowering into bursts of intricate guitar. 

They were a wonderfully unexpected treat to be repeated at the earliest opportunity. 

Anticipation grew and the room filled out for Goat's entrance...

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