30 Dec 2012

Rocket Probes December Playlist

Anthroprophh / The Big Naturals - SRR
(This Heat styled limited CDR of Jams) 

Death & Vanilla - S/T 
(Broadcast type retro-futurism)
Death and Vanilla

Vision Fortune / Meddicine - Split LP
(Nice minimal, repetitive psych from London's Vision Fortune, reminds us quite a bit of Beak) 

Meddicine - Vision Fortune

Cherrystones / Gary the Tall - Shattered Throbs Scattered Roars
(Really nice mix CD of long lost psych, proto punk, space-electro and all round greatness) 

Cherrystones - Gary The Tall

My Solid Ground - Dirty Yellow Mist
(Spacey floydian psych underpinned by a really filthy fuzz riff) 

My Soild Ground

Space Needle - Voyager & The Moray Eels...
(Criminally underrated and forgotten band from the 90's...two great albums of spacey drone pop from these Spacemen 3 obsessives) 

Space Needle

Various - Chocolate Soup for Diabetics (Vols 1-3)
(Dug out these totally essential compilations of 60's UK freak beat / fuzz pop nuggets) 

Chocolate Soup For Diabetics

Gene Clarke - No Other
(Really great track taken from his album of the same name) 

Gene Clarke

- Snapper
(Four tracks of repetitive rock from New Zealand in 1988...it is where Loop, Suicide and Stereolab meet) 


Group 1850 - Various tracks
(Amazing psyched out pop from the Netherlands...like a Notorious Byrd Brother visiting the Gates of Dawn with a head full of SF Sorrow while eating Electric Bananas) 

Group 1850

Guelewar - Halleli N' Dakarou
(High-Life warped synth driven grooviness)

Hawkwind - Warrior on the Edge of Time 
(Last of the Lemmy 'Wind' period, heavy synths & dual drumming)

Pink Fairies - Do It 
(Don't think about, just Do It!)
Pink Fairies