17 Dec 2012

More End of Year accolades and a Sleeping Shamen review of Goat's World Music

Here are some more end of year chart results for Goat:

No. 1 on Bothbarson

No. 2 on Get into this

No. 68 on Louder than War

No. 19 on Pop Matters (best new artist)

Also, The Sleeping Shamen have just published this glowing review of the album:

"Goat are a mysterious collective who originate from Korpilombolo, a tiny village situated in the northern reaches of Sweden, their debut ‘World Music’ follows on from their hotly tipped and highly infectious single ‘Goatman’ which was put out earlier in the year. The anonymous, masked collective tell a tale about their home village being steeped in hidden voodoo traditions after a travelling witch doctor settled there some time ago, hence forth infusing their sound with afro-influenced beats and instrumentation. Despite their vague collusions as to whom the actual members of Goat are and the bizarre backstory to the groups origins, the album they have spewed forth does not sound as disparate or out there as you would imagine, in fact its highly accessible, proving popular amongst a scarily large musical demographic. The band themselves describe their recordings and indeed their lifestyle as ‘invocations, prayers, and total rejoice!’ which goes someway to explaining the voodoo ridden, psychedelic forays that are presented on ‘World Music’..."

Read the full review here The Sleeping Shamen