4 Dec 2012

Goat appears in Spin's top 50 albums of the year

American music mag Spin has put Goat's World Music in at number 32 in their end of year top 50.

This is what they say:

No 32
Borders are bogeymen. The anonymous members of Goat claim to hail from Korpilombolo, a small town in Sweden with a history of voodoo rituals. The guitars on their metal-leaning, almost-everything-encompassing debut album have the earthy Midlands crunch of prime Black Sabbath. There's a bhangra beat on "Run to Your Mama" as well as an invocation/cover of Boubacar Traoré's Malian hit "Diarabi." "Goatlord" is séance harmoniums and Nico's ghost wailing around a bonfire. This myth-shrouded band from a speck on the map crams an atlas-worth of psychedelic sounds into World Music. There was no better musical argument for a boundary-free world — or mind — in 2012. DAVID MARCHESE

And nice to see Beak in there too at No 37

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