13 Sep 2012

The Quietus give their praise to Goat

The Quietus have written a great review of the Goat album, to follow up their interview with the band:

"'World music' is a loaded term. Taken a certain way (late 80s Womad, say), it evokes dainty divisionism - 'world' encompassing pretty much anything that may fall outside the established rock & roll continuum. On the other hand it means music. Listening to Goats debut LP ensures the title makes absolute sense: primal, pulsating sound that uncorks the elemental to miraculous effect. Goat draw fascinating dots between psych, kraut rock, doom and disco. Imagine Amon Duul, Electric Wizard and Roy Ayres collaborating in a ganja-wreathed 70's summer Harlem brownstone on a lost soundtrack to a Kenneth Anger film. You won't be far off - hard driving analogue freak music, real hotness..."

Read the rest of the review here