19 Sep 2012

Review of Gnod at Incubate

Incendiary Magazine have were lucky enough to of witnessed Gnod's amazing set at this years Incubate festival:

"…the venue was packing out for GNOD, who have quite a following in the Lowlands, (as seen the previous night when they pulled a good crowd at Cab03). GNOD have a brutally simple modus operandi: their aim is to get as out there as possible with their audience; and for the wondering crowd it became increasingly apparent that the band weren’t looking at any pit stops on their road to sonic oblivion. They lay down a gig that can be both unforgiving and enchanting, akin to some sort of prehistoric rite of passage. Sound-tracked by a crushingly primordial beat, the band’s determination pushed the gawping, nodding, subservient crowd through the into the chamber’s inner sanctum towards the omphalos. Neil’s pixie vibes ensured enough gold dust entered the atmosphere: playing the Daevid Allen / Scorp Murtlock rôle for all he was worth and lost in a world of his own making, he wailed, screamed, rolled around and lost his mic countless times; inducing a frenzy of buck-like hedonism amongst those nearest to him. Like the Roebuck in the thicket ever destined to escape, Neil danced about in front of the audience, throwing out enough incantations to create a brilliant visual counterpart to the determined and solid rhythm section who, in the sweet smelling fug of the Extase, began to resemble renegade members of the Diggers or New Model Army (the army not the band, that is). Suddenly, and after a particularly pulsating and marrow crushing 15 minute drone, they stopped. The audience, breathless and wondering what to do now the spell had been broken, staggered out."

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