13 Sep 2012

Another great review of Goat's World Music...

...this time by Eyesore Merch:

"I have been waiting for the full length release from Goat for some time now, Rocket Recordings released the Goatman 7″ single and we have been teased for a number of months with a cassette release (which I was too slow to pick up) and some uploads to YouTube.

These releases gave a hint to what we could expect from Goat… the dark, voodoo feel of the music is often picked up on as is the afrobeat feel of the rhythms but what sets this music apart is how these grooves are alloyed with wild shrieks of awesome guitar work and chant-like, soulful vocals which often build up through the tracks dragging the music higher, the percussion making you dance faster and the lead guitar throwing you into some kind of pyschedelic trance when it cuts through the mix… then the track ends and you are left dazed, confused and ready to do it all over again...."

Read the rest of the review here