16 Aug 2010

Teeth of the Sea unfortunately pull out of Supernormal

We have just received the following message from Teeth of the Sea:

"Teeth Of The Sea are gutted to relate that, due to Sam being involved in a bike accident that’s left him with a broken collarbone, we’ve been forced to pull out of Supernormal Festival at Braziers Park next weekend, We’d been looking forward to this show for months, and want to extend our apologies to Supernormal and to anyone who was planning on coming to see us. Rest assured our absence will only inflict very minimal damage on what’s going to be a stellar festival, including live sets from the likes of Faust. Diagonal, Gnod, Bong. Alexander Tucker, Mary Hampton, Emily Breeze, Thought Forms, Proxy Music, Maria And The Mirrors, Hyrst alongside a whole host more thrills besides, with braincells being vanquished and pulses raised in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

To compensate for our absence, Mat and Jimmy TOTS will be performing a special DJ set at the caravan bar of the festival in our old spot to help prepare the assembled for the mighty Saturday night headline act, Faust. Expect a particularly potent selection of rippers that spans from psych-rock righteousness via disco hedonism to nameless interstellar freakout and all points in between.

We’ve also unfortunately been forced to pull out of our Death Trip show at CAMP on Friday August 27th with Peepholes and The Way Through. Many apologies to anyone involved in that night, which will also doubtless continue to rule in our absence. We’re hoping to return to CAMP under the Death Trip auspices at some point in the not-so-distant future.

However, fear not, we’ll be back for the attack at the Offset festival on Sunday September 5th, where we’ll be appearing alongside another fabulous line-up including Atari Teenage Riot, Eighties Matchbox, Chrome Hoof, Cluster, Rolo Tomassi, Factory Floor, Bo Ningen, Liquid Liquid and about a hundred more killer combos.

However, most exciting of all, after a gestation period that saw up losing our marbles in Manor House for six months of intensive jamming, writing, and frenziedly consuming movies of dubious origin, our second album is finished, and just awating its final master, ready to be released in November. It’s entitled ‘Your Mercury’, and it sees up spinning into a whole vertigo-inducing new orbit, above and beyond anything we’ve committed to posterity before. Rest assured you’ll be hearing a whole lot more about this opus in the weeks and months to come, as Teeth Of The Sea boldly traverse into dimensions unknown with little more than their wits and six-for-fives of premium lager to guide them.

Adios Amigos And Adversries Alike, We’ll all see y’all at Offset, but we’ll be there at Supernormal in spirit, and in some cases in body if not in mind,."

Teeth Of The Sea.