1 Jun 2009

Stewart Lee shows his appreciation

After reviewing pervious albums by The Heads, Notorious Hi-Fi Killers and White Hills, Rockets fave comedian shows he is a fan of Rocket by writing another favourable review in the Sunday Times, this time for The Heads / White Hills Collisions 01:

“The Collisions series pairs like-minded acts on split albums. New York’s White Hills and Bristol’s the Heads submit two elongated psychedelic jams of intimidating density, clocking in at 18 and 21 minutes, respectively.

White Hills’ I Will Find Peace of Mind throbs and bristles, subsiding in a muggy recording of some people chattering in a street. On Camden Brain Slurry, the Heads rev up like Lemmy-era Hawkwind, and spend six tantalising minutes going nowhere brilliantly, the bass arcing and bubbling over tumble-dryer percussion and sheets of guitar skree, before collapsing into a locked, assembly-line groove of gradually growing intensity.”

(The Sunday Times 31/05/09)