1 Jun 2009

ON THE DECKS #4 Aqua Nebula Oscillator "Under The Moon Of..."

Well...well...well...children of the now sounds. I missed last months installment of ON THE DECKS due to the recent White Hills tour of Europe. Now I'm back and so is this fair blog about what is gracing my turntable.

This month's album is the fantastic new LP Under the Moon Of... by Aqua Nebula Oscillator hailing from Paris, France. During White Hills' recent European tour Aqua Nebula Oscillator's singer Shazzula ventured from Paris to Lueven, Belgium to see us play at Sojo. Fortunately for me she came with a copy of their new LP. Since my return this LP has been in constant rotation at home base.

The album opens with the track LSD Therapy...I was instantly taken back to the glory days of the early 90's music scene in NYC. The tune is a dirty garagey romp reminiscent of Boss Hog's finest moments. I felt the dirt wash over me...and I liked it. Distorted vocals...grunt and growl...over a thumping rhythm and a tremolo drenched guitar riff that harkens back to Bo Diddley. Utterly sweet! At this point I was hooked.

With the second track Flying Mountain the LP shifts into a frenzied Stooges-esque riff played by speed freaks on a week long binge. Fuzzed out and reverb drenched guitars flying around...head pounding bass and chaotic drums propel the song into oblivion while vocals summon forgotten Gods of years past.

From this point on the LP dives further into oblivion. Somebody in Your Nose is garage punk at it's best...simple...appealing to everyones inner moron. Utterly fantastic. "Lost In Space" dives right in with wailing gutiars over a repetitive riff that builds and builds...synths fly like banshees...while Shazzula moans..."We're lost in space...oh...come on!" The female Iggy Pop? I think so!

Side two kicks off with the short spaced out Incantation. Effect laden vocals and synths swirl right into the second track Silvermoon. Another reved-up killer that harkens back to the sounds of Spacemen 3 but dirtier. Synths and organ float over a dark riff while the hypnotic vocals swirl around and around. At this point in the LP I think to myself...is there a bad track on this album? The answer...Hell No! This album kicks some serious ass!

Other highlights of the LP include Beware...a primal stomp at it's best, Girl ...another pummeling speed fuel stomp, and 3013...a heavy psych drone of organ and nasty guitar leads that will melt your mind.

What more could one ask for? This LP has it all...glitz and grit all wrapped in one. A Stooges-esque romp through the rat infested streets of Paris. Memories of New York Cities dirtiest of dirtiest days...crazed and diseased. Whirling feedback banshees...a firestorm of sound. Fuzzed out beyond belief! Raunch... Rawk... Space... Punk...that is what you get with Aqua Nebula Oscillator. For more information and sound clips visit the band on myspace...


Dave W