26 Jun 2009

Rocket Probes JUNE 2009 Playlist

Kasai Allstars – In the 7th moon, the chief turned into a swimming fish and ate the head of his enemy by magic / CD
(anything with a thumb piano through a fuzz box has got to be a winner)

Vibes – Psychic / 7”
(great 4 track 7” from the rarely disappointing Not Not Fun Records, completely blown out bass, some nice wah and a screaming banshee on vocals)

Oneida – Live at Primavera / download
(40 minute version of Sheets of Easter...what more can we say!)

Sun Araw – Heavy Deeds / LP
(I read recently someone describe him as sounding like king tubby if he was in Hawkwind...after seeing them live I can see where they got it from, but maybe more Spacemen 3 than the Wind!)

Sunn O))) – Monoliths and Dimensions / Promo LP
(it’s rather good, but worth all the hype?...jury is still out)

Teeth Mountain – Teeth Mountain / LP
(since seeing them live recently this album is being played a lot again)

Hawkwind - BBC Radio 1 Live Concert CD
(heard this set from 72 on BBC6 Music played by Bruce Dickinson, so dug out my own copy, worth it for 'Paranoia' alone.... total freakout!)

Circle - Forest CD
(played this alot while driving on the motorway recently, as it's semi-acoustic, repetitive, hypnotic post-prog groove, is just perfect to focus on those Chevrons!)

Cave - Psychic Summer LP
(spaced out kraut-drone hypno rock doing the rounds on the turntable)

Arbete Och Fritid - S/T
(Sweden's answer to krautrock, the Svenska psych-prog-folk bands of the seventies, Third Ear Band meets Terry Riley)