4 Sep 2017

Staf Magazine interviews Hey Colossus

Roughly translated, it reads:

Paul Sykes is the lead vocalist and lyricist for English band Hey Colossus, who recently released his ninth album, " The Guillotine ". An album that returns to immerse them in their particular universe of melancholy, saturated guitars, urgent rhythms and a certain air kraut rock that, without getting to dominate all its musical spectrum, gives them a fresh and original air. We talked to Paul about his career, his band and his motivations, and he told us some very interesting things. Then we leave you with the interview, we hope you enjoy it.

Where did you grow up and what is your artistic background? 
I grew up in front of a psychiatric hospital in a small rural town in the south-east of England. I grew up doing drawings because I thought that if I did not do something, draw or whatever, I would be getting into the psychiatric. It was a good motivation.

Give us a brief description of your profile as an artist. What do you do and why do you love to do it? 
I sing and write the lyrics of the band Hey Colossus. It helps me get out of my house and communicate with people living in different parts of the UK and around the world that I would not normally do if I were not in the band…

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