3 Aug 2016

Record Collector reviews Necro Deathmort's The Capsule

It reads...

Rocket Recordings have the commendable habit of releasing whatever product their signees see fit to submit, no matter how much of a radical departure, fruity experiment or utter anomaly that may turn out to be. See Salford’s Gnod, for instance, who’ve just followed an acclaimed 2014 psych-jazz triple LP with a paranoid three-track sludge record. Equally tough to pigeonhole are prolific London duo Necro Deathmort, such is their habit of veering from riff-ridden doom metal to sardonic industrial bangerz, embracing the notion that any legitimate cult band should be constantly confounding and confusing its own audience. 

The Capsule begins with an effervescent, feedback-drenched thrust of robotic krautrock and later features an aggressive segment of buzzing horror-flick nastiness, complete with John Carpenter-esque synths and tortured howls. Its main emphasis, however, is on more abstract and calmer dronescapes. First Rays writhes under dust-planet wind gusts and electro bleeping. Capsule Sickness boasts a warmer tone, if one that lacks direction, unlike the fuller sound of Crux with its sharply distorted, decidedly un-humanlike “vocals”. Other tracks stalk the no-man’s land between noise music and techno, constantly threatening to stomp on any unexploded landmines just to see how impressive a sound that might make. 

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