31 Jul 2016

Rocket Probes – July playlist

La Deuxième femme - Bobine J (1969) Pierre Clementi - (Extrait) from Vincent EPPLAY on Vimeo.

We have created an ongoing Spotify Playlist called 'Rocket Recordings Probes'.
The playlist will be updated monthly with tracks from our playlist – the playlist features tracks from all the playlists we have done in 2016 so far.

You can follow the playlist here: Rocket Probes Spotify playlist


Goat – Requiem
(Goat's stunning third album has predictably been getting a lot of plays over here at Mission Control...their best album?)

Flowers Must Die – Sista Valsen
(New EP and first for Rocket from this great Swedish psych band)
Flowers Must Die

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Wrongpop Presents​.​.​.​.

Suicide – Rocket USA
(First heard this via the Loop version...drove us to check out Suicide's stunning debut album, still sounds as unique and as essential as ever)

Minami Deutsch – Tunnel
(Great new 7" from one of our fave Japanese bands around at the moment)
Minami Deutsch

Purple Image - Living in the Ghetto
(Heavy Funkadelic 'Fuzzed' Funk)
Purple Image

P.R.O – Blacky Joe
(Nice fuzzy Afro psych funk)

Vanishing - Glacier / The Cleaners
​(Great soundtracked poetry ​featuring members of GNOD, epic stuff)

Docdail – Aere Perennius
(Heavy, French, fuzz rock from 1969

Lee Hazlewood - Requiem for an almost lady
(Big fans of Hazlewood, but didn't know this one until recently...his 'slightly psychedelic' break-up album)
Lee Hazlewood

Yossarian – My Shy Boy
(An old '90's classic...psyched out downbeat grooves)

Mr Fox - Mendle
(Vintage psych folk)
Mr Fox 

Heron Oblivion 
(Psych folk supergroup with members of Comets on Fire & Espers)
Heron Oblivion

Cosmic Psychos – Custom Credit
("You drove me up the wall I ain't no spida")
Cosmic Psychos