7 May 2015

Interview with Goat ahead of tonight's show in Milan

Goat play their second show on their Italian tour tonight, this time in Milan with support from the great  Mamuthones

Milan Zero interviewed the band and asked them for a list of their favourite tracks:
(roughly translated it reads)

Camber Sands, East Sussex, ATP Festival. The hall of the main stage was packed and we are at the peak of the celebrations for the one that, on paper, should be "the end of an era." On stage they are just climbed the Goat, the group most anticipated of all three days and the phenomenon of "psychedelic" the most explosive in recent years. The results of the Swedish collective is an exaltation of the voodoo groove which marks their withering and rightly acclaimed debut "World Music": too many people, dressed in clothes that evoke distant traditions and hidden behind tribal masks, beat on drums and jammano like Hawkwind (but not rude), while our eyes are mesmerized by the two singers dancing barefoot. "A collective ritual" - as we like to say these days - made of fuzz and rhythms primitivists, but with incitement to move our butts equal to that of the Chk Chk Chk. At the end of the concert, the Italian delegation to ATP is divided: those still in full cosmic trip and those who believe the show (and sound) of the Goat built too. We do not know whether they are really the heirs of an ancient tradition with origins in the Arctic Circle, only if they have learned well the lesson of Fela Kuti or if the history of the municipality where they live is a lie. We know, however, that with a live as spectacular - preceded by post-punk rhythms-acid-tribal Mamuthones, recently published by the same label of the Goat, Rocket Recordings - the "uppers" you may as well leave them at home.

While waiting for their live Italian, we asked the collective masked Rocket Recordings to select for us a bit 'of music that inspired them over the years. "Psychedelia transcendental", rarity and Swedish classics among the plays to get prepared for their incredible show ... To which we want to add a bit too 'exercise in the gym…

Read the rest and listen to the selected tracks here: Milan Zero

(Plus if you didn't know, Gnod are also playing Milan tonight..a Rocket invasion of the city!!!)