21 May 2015

Boston Hassle reviews Gnod's Infinity Machines

Gnod — Infinity Machines

UK psychedelic-rock collective Gnod have had more than 30 members since their inception in 2007. This ever-expanding and fluctuating lineup has managed to eke out over 20 releases of ever-expanding and fluctuating sonic mindfuckery in that time, some on their own and some with the help of various fine independent labels. This prolific and mercurial nature makes them a bit hard to pin down, and with the release of their new 2.5-hour triple album Infinity Machines, they’ve got plenty of time to work through several different permutations of themselves.

There is oppressive drone, loud and free-jazz-tinted skronk, swampy psychedelic voids, lumbering percussion, abrasive synth squalls, and ghostly sax and Rhodes interludes. There are hints of genres the group or its members have dabbled in before, from motorik to ambient to techno to minimalism, but seamlessly blended in this case to create a whole that is greater than its parts...

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