9 Mar 2015

The Quietus reviews In Black and Gold by Hey Colossus

Hey Colossus –  In Black and Gold  
By Julian Marszalek 

This writer's favourite memory of Hey Colossus has less to do with the band and more with the music. The scene is north London venue The Lexington and tQ editor John Doran is manning the decks between bands. Among the esoteric and various sounds that have come to be his calling card comes crashing through a humungous track that could easily be the sound of a squadron of tanks invading the dance floor of some infernal disco. It's at once jarring yet beguiling, a massive slab of stomping power that crushes all before it and the sight of the big man head banging away, his long locks flailing in all directions is simply the icing on what is proving to be a most delicious confection.

Grabbing his attention, I yell through the maelstrom, "What the hell is this?"...

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