4 Mar 2015

Panic & Carousels reviews Shit & Shine new LP

Another glowing review for Shit & Shine's forthcoming album '54-Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral'.

Straddling the divide between electronics and the ugly noise in which P&C likes to wallow is the new album from Shit & Shine. 54 Synth​-​brass, 38 Metal guitar, 65 Cathedral (out through the ever-more essential Rocket Recordings on March 16th) is perhaps the best distillation yet of Craig Clouse’s valiant and long-running effort to be the Butthole Surfers you can dance to. (To be clear, I have danced to The Butthole Surfers many times but the comedowns were awful). Unlike the clumsy but loveable attempts at making house music that the Buttholes attempted with their Jack Officers project, Clouse is really good at this shit and knows his way round a beat. Even if he then pairs those beats with chaos, noise and glorious  ‘what does this button do?’ eruptions. I really can’t recommend this album enough.

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Album hits the shops on March 16th, but you can preorder a blue/black splatter vinyl here: Rocket Bandcamp