16 Oct 2013

The Quietus review Teeth of the Sea, Thought Forms, Esben and the Witch show in Brighton

The Quietus were at the Brighton show for the Teeth of the Sea, Thought Forms and Esben and the Witch show last Sunday. This is what they say:

"Ben Graham heads to the second-to-last show of Esben And The Witch, Teeth Of The Sea and Thought Forms' joint tour in Brighton. 

The package tour has a chequered history. It’s often the last resort for clapped-out pop acts huddled together as refugees from a decade lost to nostalgia’s greasy paws, playing their two and a half hits an octave lower while sucking their stomachs in and joking ruefully about the days when they had long hair/an impressive quiff/a ridiculous goth mullet (gullet?). There are however many noble exceptions: the legendary blues caravans of the mid-sixties, the Pistols/Clash/Damned/Heartbreakers tour of ’77 and the Rollercoaster tour that brought The Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr and Blur together in the early nineties, to name but three. Would it be presumptuous to now add this Quietus sponsored triple-header to that illustrious list? I think not.

The penultimate date finds the tour in Brighton, home turf for Esben And The Witch, who fittingly claim the rotating headline slot for the night. If the venue isn’t quite sold out, it’s respectably full for a Sunday evening with the torrential rain of the last twelve hours only just easing off, and promoter Phil (of Put It On promotions/Victory Garden Records) seems more than happy, while the bar is pumping out the local Dark Star ale like Monday morning will never come…."

Read the full review here: The Quietus

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