13 Oct 2013

Reviews of Anthroprophh supporting Acid Mothers Temple

Anthroprophh played a great set last week supporting Acid Mother s Temple.

Here are some reviews:

"The Exchange was rammed… Anthroprophh (Big Naturals and Paul Allen) were sprawled in front of the stage, their kit eating away at the room’s capacity. Sounded even better than when I saw them back in February, but tucked into the back corner of the venue, I couldn’t see a blinking thing!

After squeezing through the sardined bodies I managed to catch their blistering finale. A frenzy of double drums, greedily sucking at your skull in pure muscle with overdriven key tones and squealing knives of guitar-groping, hallowed eyes. A totally epic, unstoppable beast; like Test Department at their most vehement, blissfully brutal, yet curving a tight rhythm, Paul crawling the floor, strangling his guitar to that annihilating pummel from Jesse and Gareth - a thistled magic that really needs to be poured into a vinyl groove as soon as..."

Read the full review here: FREQ

"My night kicked off with Anthroprophh (hard to spell, harder to say) which is Paul Allen, from The Heads, solo project with Big Naturals Gareth Turner and Jesse Web.

With background fuzzy humming from the guitar, Jesse and Gareth hit the drums with everything they have (an enthusiasm and energy that never wavers), the sound building to a seemingly never reaching crescendo. The guitar at times taking a backseat to powerful drummings that make you feel you should be dancing naked around a fire. But when the guitar kicks in with the unusual singing it was just as powerful as the drums. The vocals were kept to a minimum which I felt complemented the intricacy of everything else. Let’s face it, with all those amps, so much fuzz and a lot of the time, two drummers, I’m not sure it would have been heard anyway. Their fast set was met with appreciation and dancing from all..."

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(footage is from a performance at The Exchange earlier in the year)