14 May 2013

Head Medicine exclusive interview with Goat about their first US tour and future plans

Head Medicine managed to ask Goat some questions in person about their recent and first US tour:

"I still find it a bit unbelievable that Goat, one of the most enigmatic and electrifying bands currently on the planet, chose to make a stop in Saint Louis, Missouri on their all-too brief introductory US tour. The fact that Goat had come to the United States at all was extremely exciting, but the thought that they were bringing their gospel so far off the beaten path and virtually to my front steps, a mere three-and-a-half hours away from me square in the middle of nowhere, was almost ridiculously unexpected. Three days prior, i was fortunate enough to witness the group give their most important performance to an American audience at one of the finest mind-expanding music festivals in the world at the Austin Psych Fest in Austin, Texas. The performance was the crown jewel of their recent trek through the heart of the country and solidified their growing international reputation as one of the freshest and most formidable live acts out there. I was still exhausted from the life-altering three-day Austin experience and the long psychic and geographic road trip there and back, but there was no way in hell i was going to miss this performance. The band had granted me a rare face-to-face interview to top it all off. As i drove to Saint Louis, i reflected on Goat's unlikely journey from their far away homeland to that night's performance and how, until just recently, they dwelled in complete obscurity but now find themselves on the furthest edge of a new musical frontier..."

Read the revealing interview here: Head Medicine