12 Jul 2012

Introducing World Music, the debut album by Goat

Swedish afro-psych-kraut-voodoo space heads GOAT are releasing their debut album WORLD MUSIC (Launch048) on Rocket on August 20th.

The track list for the album is:

01 Diarabi 
02 Goatman
03 Goathead
04 Disco fever
05 Golden Dawn
06 Let it bleed
07 Run to your mama
08 Goatlord
09 Det som aldrig förändras/Diarabi

The LP is limited to 1000 copies, 300 of those are orange and 700 are black, and both come is special die-cut sleeves. The first press of the CD is also limited to 1000 copies and also has a special die-cut slipcase, this is a sneak preview of what it looks like:

The band are doing a short tour for the album in October, the dates are:

October 19 - UK / London / The Lexington (with Teeth of the Sea and Gnod)
October 20 - UK / Newcastle / Star and Shadow Cinema
October 21 - UK / Birmingham / Supersonic Festival (with Hookworms, Carlton Melton etc)
October 26 - Sweden / Malmo / Debaser
October 27 - Sweden / Gothenburg / Truckstop Alaska (with Acid Mothers Temple)

Here are some videos of three of the tracks off the album, including the sold out 7" of GOATMAN and the sold out tape of GOATHEAD. The third video LET IT BLEED (Launch049) is being released as a download single on July 20th. And finally we have included the video of THE SUN THE MOON, which was the B-side to the GOATMAN 7" and the GOATHEAD tape: