24 Jul 2012

Big Naturals, Self Release Debut Album

Rocket very good friends Big Naturals have self released their debut album on their own Greasy Trucker label and we'd like to help introduce it to the world.

Big Naturals have collaborated alongside The Heads on all the 'Rituals' CD series & continue to conspire with future Rocket artist Anthroprohh, the lead guitarist from The Heads.

The artwork comes in a 'Crass' styled oversized foldout sleeve as a homage but has their own approach very much incorporated and was put together by Rocket's Mission Control.

See the sleeve & take a listen via their bandcamp: bignaturals.bandcamp

Keep your eye out for Anthroproff on Rocket aswell as both bands up & coming gigs, recordings & future releases with news, posters & other information visit: greasytrucker