3 May 2012

'The Watcher' returns

David C from Optical Sounds returns with his 'The Watcher' feature with some of his fine choices:


Dead Sea Apes - Lupus (CD) 

This Manchester based band have been getting rave reviews from those that have fallen under their spell (and I have) Phil McMullen described them as "without a doubt THE moststunning, visceral and downright thrilling “new” discovery for me at least since 'Teeth of the Sea'.  Ennio Morricone like twangs take the listener on a far out trip that recalls Labradford and Papa M (before he began singing).  Beautiful desert like vibe (though the band claimforest!).  Loved it so much I want to release it as a double LP....Anyone lend us a fiver?

Available from Deep Water Acres Dwacres


Trans Upper Egypt - North African Berserk (LP)

From the east end of Rome comes this freak collectives Debut LP in an edition of 120. Primitive bone rattling drums mix it up with Martin Rev like keys and Silver Apples rhythms. Oneida fans may like this?

Available from Monofonuspress


WatchOut! - Vivorritmo (7)" 

Been obsessed with the Santiago scene (and esp WatchOut!) since hearing that Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane LP.  While Follakzoid and Holydrug Couple havereleaed records on Sacred Bones (Follakzoid have a new LP on sacredBones coming Autumn highly recomended...)  WatchOut! remain relativelyunknown outside of Santiago.  This 7" takes us on a journey throughthe Amazionian river more funky than previous efforts but still waysike'd out to these ears - dance to the rhythems of the snakes.Couldnt tell you wwhere to get this but listen to their last LP.

Available from Flashbacker


Vision Fortune - Heavy Saddles (Cassette)

5 tracks of insanely good Kraut/Drone/Psych/Loop weirdness - Nice and Heavy.
Definitely a band I would love to see doing their thing live. ltd to 100.

Available from Italian Beach Babes Italianbeachbabes


Hills - Live Tape

Totally essential Live Hills tape. Dont expect any of their past hits, here you get 2 tracks that bring to life Bo Anders as Hills build up a primitive Parson Sound like drone-raga-dirge that will rattle your inner core.