31 May 2012

Rocket Probes May 2012 Playlist

Hills - Live
(Two track cassette from this great psych band...two long improv jams that recalls fellow swedish sonic travellers International Harvester, Parsons Sound etc)

Gnod - The Choice of a Nubian Generation
(laid back summer future daze vibes)

The Heads - Radio Sessions
("its a pisser and it tastes like wine.")

Various - Head Music
(A compilation of cover versions of Kraut classics, there is some very good stuff on here (not all mind you) but well worth tracking down...thanks to Black Tempest (who covered Shulze) for the copy)

Hype Williams - untitled selection of songs
(33 sketches of music from this duo, dont know much about it, downloaded it from The Quietus and some interesting things on there, not all work but most pretty great and out there)

Horse - Horse
(70s proto metal album that has some nice moments)

Trash - Gritts and Butts
(Fuzzy lo-fi artrock from early 90's New Zealand, has a nice early Sonic Youth feel in places)

Francis Bebey - African Electronic Music 1975-1982
(The title of this album says it all, contains some amazing afro electro funk)

Donna Summer - I Feel Love
(An absolutely amazing track, still sounds like it could of been made tomorrow)

Love Cry Want - S/T
(Electric Miles era Psyche Jazz freakout)

Carter Tutti Void - Traverse
(Pulsating Electronics)