29 Feb 2012

Rocket Probes February 2012 Playlist

Delired Cameleon Family - Visa de Censure noX
Pierre Clementi's 1968, 42 minute freakout film)

GNOD - 5th Sun (Dub)
(Mindblowing new track from the mighty Gnod, awsome slice of dubbed out doom sludge with the echo chamber working overtime, coming out on 7" on the ever great Trensmat records)

Beak> - ii
(Splattering of CAN meets the buzzed guitar of Sonic Youth in collaboration with Arthur Russell)

Hawkwind - Quark, Strangeness & Charm / PRX-5 / Hawklords
(The Calvert years Hawkwind period with bonus tracks

Butthole Surfers - Widow Maker
(Texan psychedelic hardcore overlords taking us back to the daze)

Fripp / Eno - Air Structures
(Great live album of synth/guitar drones, a great campanion to the mesmerising Evening Star LP)

Godsy - Apache Drop In
(Primitive drums, poping and buzzing analogue synths and fuzz guitar combine for quite an odd little track from 'Nothing is...' partner Cherrystones)

Daughters of the Sun - Ghost with Chains
(Very nice psyched out 2nd album of ambient drones and tranced out tribal rock)

Kool Aid - LP
(Pretty good in places, 90's sounding psych, loads of samples collide with Loop'ish guitars/rhythms and reminds us a bit of Hair and Skin Trading Company)

The Heads - Live at The Cube
(The audio taken from the forthcoming Heads DVD...two sets, 'rock' set and 'psyche' set, reminds us what such an amazing show that was)

Pete Swanson - Man with Potential
(Great fuzzy psychediic electronica...thanks to Mike from Teeth of the Sea for recommendation)

Man Forever - New album
(Third album by Man Forever, Kid Millions from Oneida's solo drum project)