31 Jan 2012

Rocket Probes January 2012 Playlist

3DESTRUCT / Scopitone 2011 from Yannick Jacquet (Legoman) on Vimeo.

GNOD - Chaudelande Volume 2
(Great follow up to their amazing vol1... Think This Heat meets The Heads meets Butthole Surfers in a haze of Motorik noise)

Uran - ?
(Killer swedish fuzzed-out, fucked up, repetitive rock....think a dirtier Circle, a more punk Cave all with a sprinkling of 50's sci-fi synth and NWW/Radiophonic Workshop analogue experiments... thanks to Hills for sending us this!!)

(Geoff Barrow's 'Judge Dredd' soundtrack, John Carpenter inspired electronic imaginary score)

The Necks - Mindset
(Layered rhythmic pulses & primordial washes of sound)

Shalabi Effect - S/T
(131 minutes of slow ethereal evolving tripped soundscapes, middle eastern folk with spaced out electronics & building guitars)

Klaus Schulze - Timewind / Moondawn
(Two great Kosmiche albums full of spacey analogue drones that sounds as contemporary as any of todays astral travellers)

Metal Mountains - Golden Trees
(Very nice fuzzy, spacey, strings laden, minimal, shoegaze folk...thanks to Charlie from Thought Forms for bringing this to our attention)

White Hills - Frying on this rock
(A new year, a new album from the 'ol rocket space rockers)

39 Clocks - DNS
(Fuzz wah drenched, Sonic Youth sounding German Post Punk from the rather good 1981 LP 'Pain it Dark')

Parsons Sound - Parsons Sound
(Amazing compilation of wintery droned out Swedish Kraut, and picks up just where the great International Harvester left off)

Rob Jo Star Band
(Very primitive 'velvets' sounding french pop, with some killer fuzz and whacked out synth action, reminds a bit of Ngozi Family...thank to Prophh for telling us about this)