13 Jan 2012

Black Tempest launches a Space Opera

Friend of Rocket 'Black Tempest' has launched an ambitious but interesting sci-fi audio pod cast called 'Space Opera'.

This is what Black Tempest say's about the project:

Space Opera is an wild idea I had for a cross between an audio book, a psychedelic musical, a podcast and an improvised science fiction story. A number of people have said that Black Tempest’s music would make a great film soundtrack, but no-one has ever offered me a film to work on! So instead I thought I’d make a sci-fi movie for the ears. Audio books have become increasingly ubiquitous in recent times, but as far as I’m aware no-one has tried to make a more immersive environmental audio book with a soundtrack.

Each episode so far (I’ve got another couple in the can in advance) has been written as a pretty free stream of consciousness, and I haven’t worked out any plot lines or story arcs in advance – I intend to let it gain a life of its own, and to see where it takes me.

As the blog looked a bit plain, and I’m not really a visual artist, I’ve also decided to try to get guest artists involved to illustrate the episodes on the website. An amazing artist friend of mine from the States, David Longey, has provided an image for the first episode which I’ve now posted on the site, and he’s just sent me another for the second part. I really hope this aspect of the site takes off and that I get a few artists involved, as it makes it more of a community effort, not to mention adding a bit of eye candy!

In time I’d like to broaden this out further, perhaps using guest musicians, guest script writers or maybe even videos – I’m open to any collaborative ideas people want to throw in my direction.

See Black Tempest's 'Space Opera' here

Buy Black Tempest's music here