29 Jun 2011

Oneida: June 17, 2011 Secret Project Robot (Rated O Set)

Oneida: June 17, 2011 Secret Project Robot (Rated O Set)
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The second piece of Oneida’s Thank Your Parents trilogy is itself a three-pronged release. Rated O is the most ambitious album of the three and last Friday at Secret Project Robot, the band undertook the huge task of playing the 3-album set straight through. And even then, Oneida took liberties with the music and stretched the two-hour album to nearly two and half. The songs themselves resembled their recorded counterparts but in the live setting, Oneida stretched and mutated the pieces into vehicles for all kinds of improvisation. The very stylistic elements that encompass the varied genres of Oneida music were all featured during the lengthy set — from noise (”End of Time”) to ambient (”O”) to krautrock (”Ghost in the Room” streaming below) to punk (”It Was a Wall”). Rated O has it all, and Oneida did it all.

Check it out here: