31 Mar 2011

Rocket Probes March 2011 Playlist

(We are so excited by this new Gnod album... monster studio versions of two live favourites! released on June 6th, see here for more details soon)

Shit and Shine – Live in SXSW
(The UK misses this fuckin’ great band!!)

Nackt Insection – Reality Bridge
(Solo album by guy from Moon Unit, really ace kosmiche drones with a nice Spacemen 3 vibe, till the last track of up beat motorik kicks in...on the great Blackest Rainbow)

Light Sounds Dark/Psychemagik – After the void
(Third compilation (I think) from the Light and Dark guys..like past two not all great but when it hits they hit...great comps worth tracking down)

Fairhorns – Fairhorns
(New project by Team Brick that is worth tracking down, wouldn’t sound out of place on Not Not fun)

Carlton Melton – Handling snakes / The One That Got Away
(Nice screen printed 7” from this great band, looking forward to seeing their up and coming shows with Mugstar)

Mugstar – TBC
(Talking of Mugstar we just received their track for the forthcoming Collisions LP on Rocket with Oneida. A great 15minute psych monster recalling the riffs of Hawkwind, the repetition of The Heads and Cave and the melody of Sonic Youth)

Drum Cunt / Gnod – Vatican Remix
(How can anyone add anything to Gnod's Vatican - an intense trip as it is. DC manages to alienate the listeners psyche
with its acid squelches)

John Coltrane – Ole
(The title track - hypnotic cymbal pulse - equal parts Iberian dance, desert sirocco and evening raga)

Human Beast - Vol 1
(Heavy dark psyche wah wah rock)

James Brown - Hot Pants
(Escape-Ism (19 minute version)

King Crimson – Earthbound
(Low-fi live album in all its rawness - dirty and intense)