4 Mar 2011

Gnod split on Blackest Rainbow gets Julian Copes 'vinyl release of the month'

Taken from this months Address Druidion:

Finally, Vinyl of the Month goes this March to Blackest Rainbow Records’ wonderfuel limited 400-edition split between the Mancunian trio A Middle Sex and their Manny brethren – that huge multi-instrumental collective known as Gnod, who commence this trip with their side-long ‘Why Don’t You Smile Like The Other Children?’ Gnod’s monotonous muse is a trudging, unchanging forced march across endless inner miles of scorched earth and OUTSIDE THE DREAM SYNDICATE post-apocalypse. Octave guitars and concussion set up the dirge which plateaus almost immediately, gradually acquiring all kinds of dubious sonic camp followers clustering around its skirts – chanters, pipers, flautists, horn player, triangle players, tambourinists, you gname it. And all the time the bass, guitar and drummers beat out their faithful and timeless monoriff. Magickal, meditative and highly useful it is too. As is A Middle Sex’s enormous side-long rejoinder ‘Polytheism’, which – somewhat in the manner of People’s legendary experimental LP BUDDHA MEETS ROCK – bucks and broncos its way through seemingly endless minefields of live electronics and ragged’n’raging percussion freakouts to achieve a veritable plateau of sonic nirvana. C’mon now! Yes kiddies, this split LP is one superb release indeed. Buy this motherfucker from Boomkat, and do hurry before said edition runs out!
Julian Cope