31 Jan 2011

Rocket Probes Januray 2011 Playlist

Hallogallo – Blinkgurtel/Droneschlager 7”
(Great 7” by the Rother and friends, this (I presume is) the first studio recorded output, worth tracking down)

High Wolf / Savage Young Taterbug – Split 7”
(High Wolf continue to create great music, this a split 7” on Not Not Fun part of their Bored Fortress series which previously featured an amazing Gnod track...pick up both of these if you can!!!)

This Heat – Out of Cold Storage (Box Set)
(Always a good way to start the New Year - 6 CDs back catalogue - hugely underrated)

Faust - Something Dirty
(With added new blood, brand new Faust album is right back to form)

The Heads & Big Naturals - Rituals (Volume Three)
(The best in the series so far, a more rounded journey)

Far East Family Band – Nipponjin
(Fantastic psychedelic album, essential listening and up there with their other classic Parallel Universe, some say this is even better!!)

Crass – Feeding of the 5000
(Great reissue with extra unreleased tracks, been good hearing these tracks for the first time in a long time...great Dinger sounding drumming)

Dylan Ettinger – New Age Outlaws
(Great kosmiche soundscapes, which in places have a nod to 80’s soundtrack music....well worth nodding out to!!! Another great record on Not Not Fun)

Funkadelic - Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow
(Feedback drenched Hendrix inspired acid freakout by the black Hawkwind)

Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure
(Featuring the Krautrock inspired track 'Bogus Man' & the sinister 'In Every Dream Home a Heartache')