10 Jan 2011

Gnod - Play with Charles Hayward (This Heat)

Charles Hayward

Plus support from Barberos and our very own GNOD.

Thursday 13th January: Doors 8pm

Charles Hayward is known as the pioneering drummer with British Experimental music group, This Heat.

Thundering away over homemade backing tracks while howling abrasive vocals, he theatrically halts the music and stares out into the crowd as if enraged.He plays beautifully fluid drums, controlling bass synth with one foot and his drum hits triggering changes in his ambient backing track. It's a dazzling musicianship and imagination, topped with oddly cracked vocals. You can take a listen here

Support comes in the capable hands of Barberos & GNOD. Barberos are four beards, four drumsticks & 23 cables. They met in liverpool and originate from various places across the world they have fused together fuelled by a passion for loud noises, hitting things and of course, spandex to create a dystopian noise scramble of brain digging which ventures between malevolent sound scores of the satisfyingly viscous and toe curling sublime, all framed by back screen visuals of discordance and facial squirm play. A barrage of manipulated doom siren synth, the narrative of the set is hell bent on staggering, insufferable rhythm.

GNOD are world famous around these parts of Salford, best known as Manchesters rhythm and drone psychenoise collective. "You're never quite sure what you're going to get with GNOD, apart from the fact it probably won't be the same thing as last time you saw them. Within minutes they absorb you, if you let them, into some strange transcendental state best described as a reasonable simulation of the effects of mild hallucinogens."