20 Nov 2020

NEOLYD reviews Paisiel's 'Unconscious Death Wishes'

They say:

It is said that almost every dream is a picture puzzle, with the central question "Where is death?" This is not only an interesting topic in psychoanalysis, but probably also a guiding principle set to music by Paisiel , who created a 39-minute experimental composition with "Unconscious Death Wishes".

The Porto-based Duo Paisiel, founded in 2014, consists of the Portuguese drummer João Pais Filip and the German saxophonist Julius Gabriel. Two full-time and above all thoroughbred musicians from different genres and disciplines. Her new work hits stores on November 20th and promises a non-stop wandering through paralyzing worlds. "Unconscious Death Wishes" is her way of evoking "landscapes, shapes, colors, proportions and movements" in Julius' words.

It's amazing how quickly a subconscious can get caught in the web of Paisiel's latest record. Subtle and gentle falling into a trance-like undertow, still wandering after other thoughts and yet paralyzed by the delicate, refined intoxication. And with the blink of an eye you realize that you are already in the middle of Paisiel's created acoustic exile...

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