31 Dec 2014

Rocket Probes December Playlist

Pendulum from stuart hilton on Vimeo.

Hills – TBC LP
(This has just landed in Mission Control and has blown our heads off...watch this space!)
Hills - Live at Liverpool Psych Fest

Goat – Hide from the Sun (Anton Newcombe mix)

(Stunning remix by the great Anton Newcombe coming out on a comp on Fuzz Club/Reverberation Society)

Negra Branca – Touched
(New tape by Negra Branca, the great solo project by Marlene from Gnod. Released on the fantastic Bristol label Zam Zam)

Shit and Shine – Jazz Tuesdays
(The amazing weekly improv sessions of jazz/kraut grooves have been compiled for a tape release)

Evil Blizzard – Nothing for Christmas
(A very nice dirty fuzzy single for a nasty psychedelic xmas)

Naffi – The Scream
(Heavily echoed Post Punk, like something from Tago Mago)

Powell – 11-14
(If you don't have the 12's then go and get this CD comp. One of the most interesting music makers around at the moment if you ask us. Essential

Tomaga – Futura Grotesk
(Fantastic new release of avant kraut from Tomaga on the great Hands in the Dark records)

Charles Hayward – Anonymous Bash
(Great album of crazy jams featuring members of Gnod, on a lovely ltd vinyl ltd to 150 copies)

Black to Comm – Black to Comm
(Bubbling soupy Electronics, for fans of the more drone vibes)

Vanishing – Ramifications
(New on Tesla tapes featuring Paddy from Gnod)

Burzum – Jessus tod
(It's like The Heads...in many ways!)

Pigeons – They Sweetheartstammers
(United States of America, Fifty Foot Hose, Broadcast vibes)

Médico Doktor Vibes  Diska Limba Man
(Weird outsider Caribbean psych funk)

Revolting Cocks  No Devotion
(Motorik Industrial Disco on Wax Trax)

Eric Charden  Pas Question
(French 'Fuzzed' pop)

Kebnekajse  Resa Mot Okant Mal
(Zappa, Fuzzed Prog, with silly vocals)