31 Jan 2014

Rocket Probes January Playlist

Midday Veil  - The Vessel
(This great album should of been in our albums of 2013...a heady kosmiche mix of Broadcast and Master Musicians psych.)
Midday Veil

Fumaca Preta – TBC
(Mind blowing fuzz filled psych rock crazy'ness that sounds like like Os Mutantes meets Funkadelic meets Melt Yourself Down meets the Buttholes… it seriously needs to be heard to be believed)
Fumaca Preta

Flowers Must Die – Second
(Great fuzz wah filled psych rock from Sweden...there is seriously something in the water over there!!)
Flowers Must Die

Archaic – Noise in Your Head
(Proper fuzzed up hardcore, reminds of Annihilation Time but better!!)

Jonathan Snipes & William Hutson – Room 237
(Amazing modular synth drones and beats on Death Waltz..lovely vinyl package)
Jonathan Snipes

Metal Boys – Fugue for a Darkening Island
(Crazy electronics, layers of fuzz guitar and a hip hop beat...Nice recommendation from Plastic Crimewave)
Metal Boys

Dreaming Wild - Good time
(Great 70's pop from their masterpiece private press LP)
Dreaming Wild

Domovoyd – Oh Sensibility
(Foggy psychdoom from Finland...a fuzzier Electric Wizard meets a bit of Thought Forms and a bit of Gnod)

Moby Grape – 69
Moby Grape

Evil Blizzard - The Dangers of Evil Blizzard
(Contains some of the best fuzzed out bass grooves you are likely to hear...essential purchase)
Evil Blizzard

Dope Body - Leather Head
(Sludgy bass angular nosiey pop)

The Woolen Men --- Hold It Up
(Raw fuzzy pop rock n roll)

Ifang Bondi - Atis-A-Tis
(Wild Afro Fuzz)

Baby Guru - Amaye
(Really like this laid back Greek psych track, vocals have a touch of Roky Erickson about them)

Johnson Noise - The Watcher
(Lemmy penned cover version)

Pärson Sound - Tio Minuter
(Mesmerising 1960's Swedish psych monster)

Khun Mart Harp Gallery (and other Thai Psych)
(Sorry for the naivety of this one, these are links of some amazing Thai psych bands the guys from Goat sent us …minds blown)
Khun Mart Harp