25 Nov 2013

Anthroprophh features in Norman Records Top 50 2013

The fine people at Norman Records have selected Anthroprophh debt album released at the beginning of the year to be in their Top 50 of 2013, the record features at number 25.

This is what the shop staff had to say about the record at the time:

I know from our sales figures that a lot of you are already pretty into cult UK psych titans The Heads, so you probably don’t need me to tell you that Anthroprophh is the alter-ego of their visionary songwriter and axe-mangler Paul Allen, who here dishes out six lengthy tracks of krautrock-infused psychedelia which ranges from hard-riffing psych fuzz to burbling ritualistic mysticism like a trippy modern take on the Hawkwind and Can traditions which seem to be all the rage at the moment.

In fact the out-there twiddlings on ‘Precession’ very much remind me of Michael Karoli, before things head in a bit of Popol Vuh direction and things get real trippy, continuing the synth ritual feel into the second side with ‘Ende’ and ‘Entropy’ also both heading deep into this hypno-synth-raga psych choogle wilderness to intoxicating effect, sometimes heading into krautrock steeped in the free-bong landscapes of Expo 70 and Sun Araw and striped with neon guitar shapes. Then things go a bit spacekraut again on the closer ‘We’ which is like Sylvester Anfang II gently covering ‘Black To Comm’ by the MC5 in an opium den. What are you waiting for? It’s time to smoke up and drift away.

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Watch out for Anthroprophh’s 2nd album in the pipeline for 2014 where he will be joined by the guys from the Big Naturals.  Expect a lot of Fuzz and Wah attack set to stun!