4 Jul 2013

Rocket announces special reissue of 'Master Sleeps' – the second album by 'Hills'

Hills – Master Sleeps (Launch061)

For the uninitiated, Hills are a three piece band based in Gothenburg and Master Sleeps was their second album, originally released on a small Swedish label in 2011.

We at Rocket are now proud to present a re-release of this great (future) psych classic, with stunning new sleeve artwork by Brazilian artist Bruno Borges.

Hills were the band responsible for introducing us to the Swedish collective Goat, after they were sharing the same recording space in 2011. Both bands have since become very close allies. You can hear why throughout the 6 tracks of Master Sleeps, as Hills have the same desire for an infectious groove to drive their over fuzzed ‘psyched out’ sounds.

Master Sleeps draws it’s inspiration from some of the great bands of the late 60’s and early 70’s. German bands like Can, Amon Duul and AR Machines. Also you can hear the influence of native Swedish legends like, International Harvester, Pärson Sound and Trad Gras Och Stenar. But unlike a lot of the current scene of psych bands that have mined their 60’s and 70’s record collections, Hills manage to sound contemporary and relevant in 2013. They, along with bands like Oneida, Circle and friends Goat, are able to bring something new to the (well used) table.

Master Sleeps will be released on 16 September on a ltd LP and download and you can listen to the first track off the album Rise Again here:

Hills are currently putting the finishing touches to their third album which will be released by Rocket in 2014, so this reissue of Master Sleeps (and a Hills Live album recently released on Cardinal Fuzz) is a nice taster of what to expect from the next instalment from this great band.

We can expect live shows throughout Europe in early 2014, including a performance at the legendary Roadburn festival to make up for cancelling last year.

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