6 Jun 2013

The Sleeping Shamen review Stonegoat

"If you’re unfamiliar so far with the Swedish musical phenomenon known simply as Goat, then I really do hope that life under that giant rock isn’t stinking too much of your stale weed and dusty old albums. Smashing into our global weird-beard consciousness in 2012 with the stunning and surprise-laden ‘World Music’, Goat returned every single listener to a world of ‘70s US cop dramas, voodoo-enchanted campfire dances and tribal, yet cheerfully Amazonian rhythms.

‘World Music’ crept up on most like a fox in a balaclava, but yet it’s reach was so very vast; being covered and appraised by everyone from The Sleeping Shaman to The Guardian is no mean feat for such unprecedented sounds so mysteriously forged in Korpolombolo, Sweden. The astounding thing about ‘World Music’ was that it didn’t fit into any cleanly-defined bucket – you could utter ‘retro rock’, ‘jazz’, ‘soul’, ‘funk’, afro-beat’ or ‘reggae’ amidst it’s fornicating glamour and you would neither be quite correct nor entirely wrong in your chosen description. In many ways, it was their overtly catchy weirdness that saw them embraced most warmly by the stoner-rock and doom communities, hungry for something lively and fun to soothe their blackened souls. Appearances at the likes of Supersonic and Roadburn festivals ensued and the hype around this most bizarre and obscure three-piece grew like vines on a summer’s day...."

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