20 Jun 2012

Rocket Probes (early) June playlist

Gnod - Gettin In
(Gnod in dark, messed up, minimal techno mode... in places it reminds of Aphex Twin's Seefeel remixes, listen here)

Hookworms / Kogumaza - Split 7
(Excellent 7" from these two british psych rock bands...was great to finally see them both and Vision Fortune play together recently, more proof the UK's psych scene is leading the way)

Shit and Shine - Jream baby Jream
(Imagine being stood between 3 stages at a festival on a hot and humid day....$&$ split with Gnod out in the Autumn)

Dead Sea Apes - Lupus
(Great droning psyhcedelia from this awesome UK band...in places sounds like gnod, sometimes  it reminds of early Main, and other times reminds of recent Earth)

Queer'd Science - Girls Gone Wild
(Bonkers new band from Gnods former drummer Del...four tracks of fuzzy, rave, noise which sounds like Lightening Bolt meets Trencher playing Oneida songs with a pissed off Karen O)

Plasma Expander - ?
(Thanks to Kid Millions for turning us on to these four track of instrumental repetitive psych rock, one for fans of Oneida, Cave and Uran)

African Head Charge - My Life in a Hole in the Ground
(Psychedelic kraut reggae, on Bristol's On-U-Sound label)

Striborg - Emittered Darkness / Isle De Morts

Purple Image - S/T
(Fuzz filled freak funk)

The Pyramids - Birth / Speed / Merging
(Psyched out free Jazz)

Tricky - Maxinquaye
(Some great looped rhythms and stoned grooves, check out the beats on Ponderosa Ultramagnetic's remix)

Fifty Foot Hose - Cauldron
(These were the trailblazers along with United States of America and Silver Apples of synth driven psych)

Swervedriver - Son of a Mustang Ford / Rave Down
(Going back to some fuzzed up shoegaze)