30 Apr 2012

Rocket Probes April 2012 Playlist

Goat  - Goathead
(Off their mega limited two track cassette that was just released. Goat take their voodoo afro groove in to 'The Heads' psych noise territory, and come away  showing that they are the new masters of the fuzz wah freakout!)

Hookworms - Live in Leeds
(Great little recording of their recent set at a festival in Leeds in March...thanks to Dave from Optical Sound for sending it to us)

Kenneth Higney  - Attic Demonstration
(Thanks to Kalle from Hills for telling us about this great album of 'outsider' lofi fuzz rock, wah folk, VU grooves, even some disco!!! And they are all presented in his unique 'new york dolls' swagger ' kind'a way...the vibe sorta reminds a bit of the Rob Star Band LP)

Crass - Christ the album
(Definitely their most fuzziest and 'maybe' best album!!)

Golem - Orion Awakes
(Great spacey 70's kraut rock with some killer grooves...a regular on the 'Nothing is...' decks)

Scorpion Violente - Uberschleiss
(Really good fuzzy italian electro droned beats)

Unzen Pilot - 
(Nice little dose of space rock... lots of mellotron drones colliding with post rock riffs and clattering drums)

Blue Phantom - Distillation
(Great track thats thick with fuzz and has a real Morricone scored 'itallian cop thriller' soundtrack sort of vibe)

Blo - Chapters And Phases: The Complete Albums 1973-1975
(Wah wah, fuzz guitars, sunny melodies, spaced out vocals, and rhythmic grooviness)

The Lijadu Sisters - Danger
(Female psychedelic fuzz guitar Afrobeat)

Rudimentary Peni - (1980's Catalogue)
(Deathrock punk & for the artwork alone, the original LPs get a thumbs up)

UFO2 - Flying / One Hour Space Rock
(Psychedelic-space rock at it’s finest)