9 Dec 2011

The Watcher - The Cult Of Dom Keller

The Watcher

The Cult Of Dom Keller

In this day and age when there seems to be more than a few bands that worship Spacemen 3/ (((Loop))) that come out sounding way to sanitised for my taste thank the lord for these acid fried mothers that go by the name of The Cult Of Dom Keller. Listening to there collection of self released 3 EP's may induce an acid flashback as exploding colour, fuzz and reverb flood from the speakers as The Cult Of Dom Keller beam into the outer limits of your brain with beautiful dirges of bone shaking intensity. Dom Keller have been on the go for a few years now but as this band have developed into a killer psych outfit par excellence it seems at last people are starting to take notice. All we need now is for some label to do the right and proper thing and get these freak outs on vinyl - seems that might be happening in the very near future.




David C (Optical Sounds)