31 Oct 2011

Rocket Probes October 2011 Playlist

Lumerians - Transmalinnia
(Spacemen 3 with hand percussion, fuzzed out organ space disco)

Great Society Mind Destroyers - Spirit Smoke
(Mind-effected fuzz wah from Chicago)

Plastic People of the Universe - Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned

(Czech freaks in a Mothers of Invention, Velvet Underground vein)

Hawkwind - Various
(Tracks from 'Choose Your Masques' (Void City) & 'Church of Hawkwind' - post Calvert, heavy on the keyboards & samples)

Sunroof - Cloudz
(Skullflower's alter Krautrock worship)

Celtic Frost - Into the Mega Therion
(Great album that still hasn't lost its fuzz thrash power)

AKA - Hard Beat
(Grooved out 70's rock from Indonesia on lovely double vinyl)

Velvet Underground - Norman Dolph acetate
(Good to finally hear this long lost version of their great first lp...contains some completely different versions, though a bit crackly its a must listen.)

The Fall - 50 Year Old Man
(12mins of repetitive fuzz confrontation)

Adam and the Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier / '79-'80 B sides and demos
(If you can forgive the cheese you are rewarded with some great feedback drenched fuzz and repetitive tribal drums that wouldn’t sound too out of place on Not Not Fun, or on a Teeth of the Sea record)