28 Feb 2011

Rocket Probes February 2011 Playlist

Crawling Chaos – Berlin
(Bside of the Sex machine 7”...Thanks to the Fish from Gnod for this one, they played it on a radio show recently...awesome psych new wave mantra with filler fuzz guitars)

Black Tempest – Secret Astronomies
(Really good fuzzy kosmiche soundscapes...read what Dave W said about Black Tempest previous album Proxima

Sunburned Hand of Man – No Man
(An American Gnod....up there (nearly) with Jaybird)

Thought Forms – Bees
(Nice limited reissue of this CDR they released late 2009...more improv than their Invada album this gives glimpse to the all expansive Thought Forms live sound)

Rudimentary Peni – Death Church / Farced
(Amazing 80’s fuzz punk still sounding really fresh, and still the Death Church LP has one of the best sleeves ever, a major influence on us here in Mission Control)

Roy Harper – Me and My Women
(Taken from his masterpiece album Stormcock...this track, a mix somewhere between Forever Changes and Blue Afternoon has been getting a lot of plays)

Miles Davis - On The Corner
(Metronomic & hypnotic
drums with electronic madness)

Radiohead - The King of Limbs
(Similar to 'In Rainbow's' in style, but creeps up on your more as its the subtly of the rhythm section who take centre stage)

Gum Takes Tooth - Untitled
(Radiohead mets Steve Reich - future Rocket Collisions)

Lubricated Goat - Meating My Head / 20th Century Rake / Play Dead / Prayer For Blood
(Australian Noise Sub Pop single's)

Geoffrey Jones - Locomotion

(1975 - History of British Railways - illustrated through an accelerating frenzy of rhythm)