14 Oct 2010

Gnod & Mugstar - All Hallow the Eve 2010

Gnod & Mugstar play 'All Hallow the Eve' 2010

An alternative non-commercial Halloween. If you want to have an "Halloween Party" and dress up in the usual trappings then give this event a miss. If you like paradoxical fun and dark melancholic beauty, psychedelic music and pancosmic poetry then you should be in your element. Haunting vocals and ghostly wooded psychedelia within a dark and arty wooded glade.

£15 including camping and parking.

£8 admission 6p.m-11.30p.

Further Info: fellfootwood

Also check out Gnod dub-stepping with attitude on new live track 'Genocider' www.myspace.com/gnodgnod