9 Sep 2010

ONEIDA - Equinox/Last hit - ONE SIDED 12

XHOL RECORDINGS release Rocket favourites Oneida record.

Although its been out for some months now, get you hands on a copy as they won't be around for long.

ONEIDA - Equinox/Last hit - ONE SIDED 12"

Oneida doesn't need introduction... it's more than 10 years that they keep on putting out with undeniable constancy great albums of psychedelik dancing blasts. As big fans of their work we were understandably excited when meeting them we found them to be great people so was naturally consequential to ask them for a release. Not so much foregone was their positive reply and the commitment they put on it... they gave to us two complete blasting tracks, stepping forward from Rated O and empowering the psychedelik, noise and kraut side of their latest tracks. The blasting 9 minutes wild ride of pure psychedelic and kraut riffs of the first track “Equinox” sounds like Terry Riley playing with Neu! on a desert full of churming echoes, dirty guitars, synth solos and neverending drums. The synth drones melts with the guitars in a unstoppable crescendo that refuses to run out of tension for all the track! Then “Last hit” arrives and explodes in a kaleidoscope of dirt, noise and kollapses in a rattling and destroying ending that leaves you back from dreams thru harsh in reality, back from a one side long journey. This album is simply great and gives a unique glimpse to what Oneida call the "New O" and comes out in a silkscreened limited edition 12”one sided 45rpm, don't be the one who'll miss it!

PRESSING INFO: it comes on an edition of 200 copies on black vynil with two color silkscreened cover and a one color silkscreen print on the empty side of the LP. It's been followed by a preorder only edition of 30 tshirts of the album silkscreened in two colors.


1 Equinox
2 Last hit

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