3 Aug 2009



Palace Of The Night Skies
2009 Three Lobed Recordings

Eternal Tapestry are no strangers to the stereo system at White Hills central. I was turned on to the group by the drummer Jed Bindeman when he was in NYC a bit over a year ago. The two of us originally came into contact via a review of Jed’s other band, Heavy Winged, on Aquarius Records website in which they likened their release to White Hills. Needless to say I was curious so I picked it up…not that long after Jed and I started conversing.

Enough of the background…let’s get on to this fine slab of vinyl! Eternal Tapestry create epic…grand…and yes “eternal” jams in the ongoing tradition of groups like Baby Grandmothers, Parson Sound and Trad Gras Och Stenar. Brooding, ethereal, heavy, and spaced out…these jams have it all.

Prism Light Traveler kicks the LP off. Hypnotic to say the least. This is one of the best jams from a contmeporary psych band that I have heard in recent years. The depth of wailing guitars…at times chugging away and other times flying around in a delayed frenzy… combined with the steady and hard hitting drums work together shooting the listener off into deep space. Buckle your seat belts this is one heady track. Fuck me…when I first put this LP on I just kept on repeating this track…it is that good!

The second side contains the track The Hidden Void. Way more stoned than Prism…image if Sabbath turned out a minimalist jam in honor of Tony Conrad. Slow, churning, and heavy! A perfect way to come down after the first side.

The thing that blows me away the most about this album is how effortlessly Eternal Tapestry play together. Anyone can jam…but not everyone can create interesting jams where the riffs flow in and out of each other with such easy and beauty. These boys do it and do it well.

The LP is housed in a beautifully silkscreend cover, pressed on super heavy vinyl, and is limited to 730 copies. The sucker even comes with a CD that contains both tracks on the LP plus a bonus song, Hermetic Secrets. How could you go wrong with that. Pick this sucker up now…you will not be dissapointed.

More information on Eterenal Tapestry can be found here…


Dave W (White Hills)