4 Jul 2009

The Quietus' Reductive & Subjective Albums Of The (Half) Year: 2009

The months slide away like greased ferrets down a drainpipe. It's halfway through '09 already and here are The Quietus' favourite albums so far.

The Editors John Doran and Luke Turner with some help from trusty young News Scribe Ben Hewitt have chosen to include Rocket Favourites 'Teeth of the Sea'


"These seven instrumentals contain a fascinating array of sounds: aching trumpet, ominously incessant bass, benevolent guitar, fumbling drums, forlorn monk moans, half-heard kids voices that smack of both innocence and some kind of odd evil. These are sounds that reflect the sad sads and the blue blues, that have a talent for biting a small chunk out of your heart, that make a mockery of the human condition; that dig deep, that delve under our skin like the bogeyman of youth biding phantom time beneath the bed. They are sounds that transport our memories back to the Miles Davis of Sketches of Spain and Jack Johnson; back to Meddle-era Pink Floyd, back to the hypnotic wonder of Talk Talk's Laughing Stock and Spirit of Eden…" Austin Collings