17 Feb 2017

Hey Colossus are heading out on tour in May

You can see them at the following venues:

04/05 The Prince Albert, Brighton  Tickets

05/05 The Full Moon, Cardiff  Tickets

06/05 The Old England Pub, Bristol  Tickets

11/05 The Maze, Nottingham  Tickets

12/05 NICE N SLEAZY, Glasgow

13/05 Soup Kitchen, Manchester  Tickets

17/05 The 100 Club, London  Tickets


Julie's Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin released today

We are excited to announce that 'Julie's Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin' is released in all good record shops today.

The album has been picking up some amazing reviews which you can read on previous posts.

The first pressing of the LP comes as a ltd edition yellow vinyl.

The band have announced a series of Italian shows, followed by some shows in Northern Europe including a London show: 

03.03 Bologna (IT) | Locomotiv Club
09.03 Milano (IT) | Biko
11.03 Arezzo (IT)  | Karemaski
12.03 Padova (IT) | Mame
24.03 Torino (IT) | Spazio 211
31.03 Roma (IT) | Monk Club
01.04 Caserta (IT) | Smav
08.04 Firenze (IT) | Glue
29.04 Carpi (IT) | Mattatoio
06.05 Nuremberg (DE) | Z-Bar
09.05 Paris (FR) | Supersonic
10.05 London (UK) | London Fields Brewhouse Tickets

More shows are still to be announced for 2107.


16 Feb 2017

Sponsor Teeth of the Sea's Sam Barton' cycle ride from Lands End – John O’Groats

Sam Barton from Teeth of the Sea and Hirvikorari is putting his trumpet down for two weeks and is cycling from Lands End – John O’Groats  on 13th-25th June 2017 – and he is looking for your help.

He says:

For all of my 20s and much of my 30s I’ve been your typical London-dwelling struggling punk/noise rock/jazz musician, getting by on low-paid work by day whilst making a racket in bands of varying quality/ambition by night. And whilst I’ve never totally fallen for the “road of excess” myth it’s fair to say that for most of that time my lifestyle and diet have not been those of an ascetic or athlete. Yet somehow the seemingly innocuous gateway drug of purchasing a bicycle years ago (to save money on public transport no less) has led me here, to the brink of undertaking a frankly insane physical challenge: 1000 miles self propelled from end-to-end across Britain in 12 days. How will I manage it? What will the views be like? What are people talking about in The Shires? And, most importantly of all, why the hell am I doing it in the first place? I will hopefully be keeping some sort of diary once the trip is underway so stay tuned to hear exactly how much pain I'm in.

If anyone wants to sponsor me in this endeavour I am raising money for UNICEF whose work protecting vulnerable children worldwide from war, famine, disease and oppression has never been more vital. You can donate here. DONATE

Deadline for fundraising is April 4th

Thank you


Drowned in Sound reviews Julie's Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin

It reads:

Italian experimental outfit Julie's Haircut are currently in their twenty-third year of existence and can count Sonic Boom, Damo Suzuki and Philip Corner among those who've collaborated with them. So it's no surprise that seventh album – and first for Rocket Recordings – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin is an aural cocktail that fuses jazz odysseys with fuzz pedal heavy psychedelia, shamanic mantras and haunting melodies.

It's been an eventful journey for the Emilia-based sextet since putting out debut Fever In The Funk House back in 1999. Then they were more of a conventional garage rock band, albeit with psychedelic rock nuances and the occasional dalliance in shoegaze. They've slowly graduated into sonic experimentalists whose ambitious nature at traversing boundaries and cross pollinating genres can only be applauded...

Read the rest here: DIS


Cherrystones to support Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

Our good friend and 'Nothing is..,' comrade the mighty Cherrystones is supporting Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation on their forthcoming UK tour.

The tickets are selling well and we have been told that most are expected to sellout.

So if you don't have a ticket, get one sharpish!!


15 Feb 2017

Flowers Must Die photos from Copenhagen Psyche Fest

Check out this series of amazing photos of Flowers Must Die from Copenhagen Psych Fest by Tom Gilmore/Foundwaves here: Flowers Must Die

You can preorder their new album Kompost on Ltd green vinyl here: Rocket Bandcamp


Hey Colossus poster for Bristol show


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation win 'Composer of the Year' award

Massive congratulations go to Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation as they won 'Composer of the Year' for their album Mirage at The Manifest Awards in Sweden put on by SKAP.

We are so chuffed they won this as it is much deserved for all the hard work the band have put into the release of their two albums in two years.

The band are touring UK in a few weeks, make sure you don't mis them!


Last Days Left reviews Julie’s Haircut’s ‘Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin’

It reads:

“Being from Italy and doing what we do – we are outsiders” says Luca Giovanardi, a founder member of Julie’s Haircut, whose always incendiary yet increasingly outlandish sound has found itself with few parallels in their homeland since their inception towards the end of the last century. “We have always been outsiders.”

Yet in following their own singular pathway, the band have arrived at the deep-end approach to sonic innovation audible on their debut release for Rocket Recordings, ‘Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin‘. Seven albums into a mission initially inspired by the likes of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and Spacemen 3, the band now find themselves at a new plateau of small-hours elucidation and revelation that may summon the spectres of the wayward squall of early Mercury Rev, the shamanic allure of Dead Skeletons or the wild soundscapes of Amon Duul II to some, yet essentially sounds like no-one but themselves…

Read the rest here: Last Days Left

Then buy tickets for their up-and-coming London show: Dice


Little Indie makes Flowers Must Die's 'Hit' their track of the day

It reads:

Following last year's EP 'Sista Valsen', Swedish collective Flowers Must Die have a new album 'Kompost' due on April 28 via Rocket Recordings, and its first single 'Hit' is just that.

'Hit' is a heady sonic mix of psychedelic krautrock woven around techno shapes and disco influence and angular post-punk pop. It shouldn't work on paper, in theory this is just a big fat wonder. Play and replay.

The band are playing a handful of shows in Sweden and UK in April.

13 Kraken Stockholm
14 Crypt Linkoping
25 The Prince Albert Brighton
26 The Shacklewell Arms London
28 The Cube Bristol

Read the full piece here: Little Indie


The Know magazine interview with Gnod

It reads:

Rocket Recordings signed band Gnod have a brand new album right on the way. It’s a bolshy, aggressive and defiant release packing more than a few messages. With that in mind we caught up with the band.

Gnod have been pooled into the ‘British krautrock’ genre what are your thoughts on this?

Gnod is made up of a core of four to five heads, the rest of the players come and go with every tour or album. We have worked this way since our inception. As far as influences, it really is hard to say because there are so many. The best way to find out as a listener is to listen to our vast discography and make up your own mind about that. We don’t really identify ourselves with a particular genre.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

It’s constantly evolving, again check out our discography for the many phases of Gnod. Even in our first year as a band it went from big band evolving jams that lasted for hours to ambient soundscapes to mechanical noise and we’ve always tried to write in new ways that keep the music fresh...

Read the rest here: The Know


13 Feb 2017

Echoes and Dust reviews Julie’s Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin

It reads:

Rocket Recordings are on fire! Following up Pigs x7 with new Gnoomes, the recent announcement of gnew Gnod and this exquisite label debut of Julie’s Haircut, how the fuck is this only two months into the label’s year? If Hey Colossus put anything out with Rocket this year, it’ll probably be their best year yet…and considering that they’re already the best label in the world that’s saying something. Although, Julie’s Haircut are many albums and several years into their career Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin will likely be an introduction to the band for most people and had I not looked it up for the purpose of accuracy, I would’ve thought this was their debut myself…

Read the rest of this glowing review here: Echoes and Dust


Record Collector reviews Julie’s Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin

It reads:

From The Doors onwards, the spirit of freewheeling jazzy improvisation in rock music has been both a blessing and a curse. At its best, especially in the work of its German proponents, but also The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and – slightly further down the scale – Hawkwind, it’s immersive like no other music, revealing celestial vistas of the unconscious mind while never relinquishing the essential beat-based nature of rock music. At its worst, it’s flat, lifeless and paralysingly boring. 

There is rock of both kinds on Invocation… but thankfully it’s weighted heavily towards the former. When Julie’s Haircut get it right, they really get it right. Zukunft motors the album into life brilliantly, driving and dynamic but mellow, with pulsating bass and Can-like percussion perfectly balanced by nocturnal organ tones, beautifully judged sax, minimalist guitar and understated spacey noises. It’s timeless, immersive space-rock of a very high order. By contrast, some of the Can-like vocal tracks are slightly less successful, the hushed chant of The Fire Sermon rendering the music repetitive without quite managing to capture the groove it hints at. 

It’s not all spacy though; the funky, foreboding Orpheus Rising is drenched in late 60s countercultural atmosphere and is hypnotic in an entirely different, Black Widow-like way, while elsewhere there are shades of Vangelis, Spacemen 3, Amon Düül II and even Miles Davis; a heady brew indeed.

Read the rest here: Record Collector


Gnod confirm more dates on their up-and-coming European tour

The Gnod tour gets bigger..

The full dates are now:


31  /  1000FRYD / AALBORG / DENMARK 



Gnod residency at Roadburn – full details revealed

Full details have been revealed of Gnod's amazing residency at this years Roadburn:

Last year we announced psychedelic, arnarcho, sonic pioneers GNOD as our 2017 artist in residence. As the Gnod-fog starts to clear a little, we can now bring you a bit more information about the shows they will perform as part of their residency.

They’ll kick off with an improv set, called Gnodulation focussing on their electronic offerings, with a stripped back band. On Friday, they’ll be delving into the past for some classic Gnod material, but also keeping it current with tracks from their upcoming new album 'Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine’.

Outside of the Dream Syndicate is the title of their collaborative jam session with Kuro on the Saturday. And they’ll round out the weekend with Temple of BBV - a collaboration with Radar Men From The Moon. Prior to their first sonic ritual at Eindhoven‘s 2016 Psychlab, Temple ov BBV recorded an album, which hopefully will see the light of day at Roadburn 2017 – it would be a fitting testament to GNOD‘s tenth anniversary celebrations at this year’s festival.

In addition to this, there will be artwork on display at the 013 venue by various Gnod-bods, throughout the weekend.

Quote from Walter:
Having UK psych renegades GNOD as the artist in residence for Roadburn 2017 is simply our humble way to celebrate the band's 10th anniversary. Their 2012 performance at Het Patronaat is nothing short of legendary, and with the band's freak flag flying high ever since, we felt the unstoppable urge to both embrace their maverick spirit and the band's mercurial power at the same time - Roadburn 2017 are you ready for some thought provoking, tribal rituals? We definitely are, as GNOD will transform the festival into a beautiful mess. Please join us, and 'Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine.' 

More info about the festival can be found here:  Roadburn


11 Feb 2017

Julie's Haircut on Rai Radio 3 on Sunday

Julie's Haircut live show to be aired on Italian Radio on Sunday

The band said this about it:

On Sunday night the radio show “Battiti” on Rai Radio 3 will broadcast a live recording of our show in Rome from last october. Rai 3 is the third channel of the italian national radio (like BBC 3…) and Battiti is an extra-cool show devoted to avant-garde, experimental music. The show is on at midnight (Italy time), then will be available as a podcast.

Listen here: Battiti


No Mightier Creatures rise from the ashes of Serpentina Satelite

Renato from the great Peruvian band Serpentina Satelite has a new album out under the new name No Mightier Creatures and you can listen to the whole thing via Soundcloud here: No Mightier Creatures

Here is the info we have been sent about No Mightier Creatures:

No Mightier Creatures is a new project by peruvian musician and poet Renato Gomez, former guitarist of the space rock act Serpentina Satelite.

This time around, Renato presents an album of 7 songs distilled with a more straightforward approach; cohesive rock with punk dynamics, centered on rhythm and repetition. No Mightier Creatures grew around a visual/writing research of knots and pieces of urban decay around cities in Europe. The visuals became symptoms of economic crisis, political intervention, precariousness and borders, igniting new song writing and lyrics.

The album was recorded in Lima, Peru, with former Serpentina Satelite bandmates Dolmo (guitar) and Felix Dextre (bass), and with Arturo Quispe (drums), member of the psych-prog band Cholo Visceral.

The record will be available for download starting February 10th via Bandcamp. A physical release will come out later on this year.


Gnod join Mugstar and others at the Vernal Equinox Festival, details are: 

Vernal Equinox - an exciting new festival in Preston pulling together divergent strands of underground music - folk / psych / wyrd:

Trembling Bells / Galley Beggar / Mugstar
Mike Heron (Incredible String Band) / Gnod
Alasdair Roberts Trio / King Champion Sounds
Tricca McNiff / Crumbling Ghost / Pill Fangs
Dodson and Fogg / Newts / One Sided Horse
Howie Reeve / Sweeney Astray / Vukovar
The Common Cold / The Condor Moments
UCLAN Music play Terry Riley's 'In C' 

Friday 3 March

Limited early bird weekend tickets £20, normal weekend tickets £28, day tickets from £10 

Find out more here: Vernal Equinox


10 Feb 2017

Stream Julie’s Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin one week before release

Rolling Stone Italy are streaming Julie’s Haircut’s new album Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin in full a week before its release.

Listen here: Rolling Stone 

You can preorder the album from all good record shops or digitally from here: iTunes

The band are going on tour:

03.03 Bologna (IT) | Locomotiv Club
09.03 Milano (IT) | Biko
10.03 Padova (IT) | Mame
11.03 Arezzo (IT)  | Karemaski
24.03 Torino (IT) | Spazio 211
31.03 Roma (IT) | Monk Club
01.04 Caserta (IT) | Smav
08.04 Firenze (IT) | Glue
28.04 Ravenna (IT) | Bronson
29.04 Carpi (IT) | Mattatoio
06.05 Nuremberg (DE) | Z-Bau
07.05 Gent (BE) | Kinky Star
09.05 Paris (FR) | Supersonic
10.05 London (UK) | London Fields Brewhouse


8 Feb 2017

Watch video for Flowers Must Die – Hit

As reported before, Flowers Must Die have a new album, their first for Rocket being released on 18 April.

The album called 'Kompost' comes in a ltd edition first press yellow vinyl which can be preordered from the Rocket shop here: Rocket Bandcamp

Watch the video for the track 'Hit' from the album above.

Then buy tickets for their up-and-coming shows:

13 April / Kraken / Stockholm / Sweden
14 April / Crypt / Linkoping / Sweden
25 April / The Prince Albert / Brighton / UK
26 April / The Shacklewell Arms / London / UK
28 April / The Cube / Bristol / UK


Soundblab reviews Julie’s Haircut - Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin

It reads:

You’re forgiven if you passed this one off as some weird Satan-worshipping, black metal, doom and gloom shit. But you’ll also hate yourself in the morning. For, despite their naff name, Italy’s neo-psych/prog commune Julie’s Haircut have perfected their eclectic take on prog-inflected psychedelia for nearly 25 years, and have collaborated with legendary loonies like Spacemen 3/Spectrum’s Sonic Boom and Can’s Damo Suzuki, even briefly performing as part of the Damo Suzuki Network. Previous releases even included covers of film music from Alejandro Jodorowsky (The Holy Mountain) and Nino Rota (Fellini’s Casanova)!

Their seventh full-length (the prolific act has also released over a dozen EPs) relies on a sextet of musicians (just as many others have passed through the ever-revolving lineup) to deliver an amalgamation of sounds and moods (three guitarists, keyboardists, and percussionists and a couple of saxes will do that). The band pull out all the stops on the album’s 11½-minute centrepiece (and opening track), ‘Zukunft’...

Read the rest here: Soundblab


The Know previews Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation up-and-coming sold-out Bristol show

It reads:

After a glimpse into their unique and luscious world in October supporting Goat, we are very eager for Josefin Öhrn & the Liberation’s return to Bristol for a headline show. No doubt we will be further immersed in their ambitious vision.

Within their music, elements of shoegaze, kraut rock and psychedelia can all be heard, yet they use these to a unique effect; combining them to create powerful mantras, creating a state where dreams, visions and the present are entwined...

Read the rest of the article here: The Know

All tour dates are on the poster above


Yes we Skunk feature on Goat's Requiem

It reads...

It is difficult to overcome the initial shock that supposed the discovery of the Swedish band Goat. Not every day that a group of masked Swedes who come from the small town of Korpilombolo, near the Arctic Circle, connect us to the world of music through the psychedelic folkrock so particular they do.

Although its origin does not stop being part of the own mythology that are being constructed through its enigmatic attitude. Draw the connection between the folk sound of a small Lapp village lost the hand of God with other tribal sounds such diverse places as Africa, India or South America , it makes us see the special value of Goat...

Read the rest here: Yes we Skunk


7 Feb 2017

Flowers Must Die announce their debut album for Rocket and live dates

Following last years sold out EP 'Sista Valsen' and debut UK shows including sets at Supernormal and Liverpool Psych Fest – Flowers Must Die have a new album called 'Kompost' to be released on 28 April. 

You can watch the band-made video to the track 'Hit' exclusively via Loud and Quiet: Loud and Quiet

The album is available for presale on ltd yellow vinyl from here: Rocket Shop

The band are playing some shows to celebrate the launch of the album:

13 April / Kraken / Stockholm / Sweden
14 April / Crypt / Linkoping / Sweden
25 April / The Prince Albert / Brighton / UK 
26 April / The Shacklewell Arms / London / UK
28 April / The Cube / Bristol / UK 

The press release reads:

Flowers Must Die – Kompost
Ask many self-styled music aficionados, and they’ll tell you that rock in the early to mid ‘70s descended into a mire of boundless self-indulgence and instrumental virtuosity. Not so in Sweden. For there, the egalitarian spirit that many thought revolutionary to punks in the UK was nothing new for the heads to be found enjoying the cult Swedish psychedelia of bands like Träd, Gräs och Stenar or Älgarnas Trädgård.

 It’s exactly this lineage forty plus years later where one can find Flowers Must Die, the six-piece Swedish outfit whose 'Kompost’  - their full-length debut on Rocket Recordings, home of Goat and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - is a landmark moment for an outfit pursuing an improvisation-based approach removed from the codified realm of contemporary psych, and exploring uncanny and unhinged territory fuelled by diverse record collections yet unique to their own collective headspace. 

The band may have taken their name originally from an Ash Ra Tempel song, whilst both the strains of Amon Düül II and the repetition of Can lurk within these overgrown sonic pathways. Yet 'Kompost' shows them honing their improvisatory excursions into coherent songcraft amidst spectral techno and cosmic disco shapes, as the angular post-punk pop of The Sugarcubes sits alongside the narcotic clanguour of prime Royal Trux, and one-take spontaneity locks horns with nocturnal revelation.

Here the outward-looking spirit of 1971 and the anything-goes mentality of the Scandinavian freaks of yore is transposed elegantly to a modern era in need of new horizons, and in a manner refreshingly bereft of retro chic. What's more, who's to say what dimensions this alchemical force have yet to explore. 


The Quietus interviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

It reads:

It's a joke that's gone a bit too far!" laughs Matt Baty, frontman of Newcastle's quite phenomenally named Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. "We just want to play fun riffs," adds guitarist Sam Grant. Along with his fellow guitarist Adam Ian Sykes, we're speaking backstage in the affably dingy basement of Manchester's Soup Kitchen, the final leg of a three date tour that proves the fivesome to be something truly unusual.

There is, of course, that name, inspired by cabin fever after a 'particularly shit day' spent doing very little at Newcastle's Blank Studios. "We were like, 'let's start a band called fuckin' Pigs. Actually, let's call it Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and it'll be really obnoxious on posters,'" recalls Baty, yet it's what lies beyond the moniker that really sets the group apart. Debut album Feed The Rats, released on Rocket earlier this year...

Read the rest of the interview here: The Quietus


6 Feb 2017

GNOD announce European Tour

GNOD have announced the following European tour dates in celebration of their forthcoming album 'Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine'

13 / The Golden Lion / Todmorden / UK
14 / Elektrowerkz / London / UK
15 / Instant Chavires / Paris / France
16 / Mag 4 / Bruselles / Belgium
20-23 / Roadburn / Tilburg / Netherlands
25 / Cave 12 / Geneve / Switzerland
26 / Sonic / Lyon / France
27 / Blah Blah / Torino / Italy
28 / Bronson / Ravenna / Italy
29 / Gromka / Lubiana / Slovenia
30 / Donau Festival / Krems / Austria

02 / Klub Famu / Prague / Czech Republic
03 / Urban Spreee / Berlin / Germany
04 / Gouvernment / Gent / Belgium
06 / Green Door Store / Brighton / UK
18 / Portland Arms / Cambridge / UK
19 / The Island / Bristol / UK
20 / The Crypt / Bristol / UK
21 / Church Of St. John / Bristol / UK
24 / The Cluny / Newcastle / UK
30 / Tape Denmark / Aarhus / Denmark
31 / 1000Fryd / Aalborg / Denmark

01 / Loppen / Copehagen / Denmark
02 / Truckstop Alaska / Gothenborg / Sweden
03 / Plan B / Malmo / Sweden
04 / Tubnitz / Stubnitz / Germany
08 / Cardiff / Moon Cub / UK


Raven sings the blues reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Feed the Rats

It reads:

Its shaping up to be a heavy, sludge encrusted week around here, so naturally I’ve set sights on the debut from UK space juggarnaut Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs or Pigs x7 as they are, mercifully, better known. The album is only three tracks long, but much like that heavy slab by Dhidalah yesterday, they’ve got no affinity for brevity and little remorse for unleashing a half ton torrent of noise upon the listener. The album opens with “Psychopomp,” clocking in just a tad over fifteen minutes of sludge, a suite of grit, blood and bile that feels like there may be no hope of ever seeing light again. Usually on a track pushing the stopwatch toward the quarter hour there’s an eye of the storm, or some sign of relent, but Pigs x7 open hot and pretty much clear cut any ounce of hope you had living in your system before the needle pop out of the groove.

Read the full review here: Raven sings the blues


Teeth of the Sea to play Fat Out Festival

Teeth of the Sea join Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and many other great bands at this years Fat Out Festival in Salford on 14-16 April.

Info and tickets here: Fat Out Fest

Teeth of the Sea are also supporting Chrome at the Dome in London on Wednesday.
Tickets here: Baba Yaga's Hut


3 Feb 2017

Flowers Must Die Play Brighton show

Excited to announce that the great Flowers Must Die are playing a Brighton show on 25 April


Lewes Psychedelic Festival presents...

Flowers Must Die
+ support

The Prince Albert
Tuesday 25 April 2017
Doors 8pm
£8 + booking fee / £12
Over 18s only

Ticketing outlets


2 Feb 2017

Listen to Hills 'Master Sleep' Alive at Roadburn Edit

As reported in a previous post Hills have revealed a track from their forthcoming album 'Alive at Roadburn' and you can check out the edit of 'Master Sleep' above.

We have a limited amount of coloured vinyl available at the Rocket Store, the rest along with copies on Black will be available on release from all good record shops:

Rocket Store


GNOD - 'Just say No...' Tshirts available

From GNOD's website:

GNOD - Just say No …. T- shirts available NOW - £15.00
£5 from every online sale will go to a Manchester based homeless charity.

100% cotton ring spun Gildan shirts.


Email ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk for orders and info


Bandcamp donate 100% of their share made on sales this Friday to ACLU

Bandcamp are donating 100% of their share made on all sales this Friday (tomorrow). It will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.


The Quietus reported this:

Following a ban placed on travel by citizens of seven majority Muslim countries to the US, the ACLU is working to make legal challenges against Donald Trump's actions with relation to this action as well as anticipated further plans by the Trump administration.

"Like 98% of U.S. citizens (including the President), I am the descendant of immigrants—my great-grandparents came to America from Russia and Lithuania as teenagers and worked in sweatshops until they were able to afford to bring the rest of their families over," says a statement by Bandcamp founder and CEO Ethan Diamond.

"It is an unequivocal moral wrong, a cynical attempt to sow division among the American people, and is in direct opposition to the principles of a country where the tenet of religious freedom is written directly into the Constitution," Diamond says of the Executive Order signed by Trump.

The donations will apply to all sales made starting on Friday (February 1), at 12.01am Pacific Time, and in the 24-hour period following that. Read Diamond's full statement here.


You can buy Rocket vinyl, cds and downloads from our Bandcamp shop here: Rocket Bandcamp


1 Feb 2017

Introducing new Hills - Alive at Roadburn

We are excited to announce that Hills have the new album 'Alive at Roadburn' released on 17 March.

You can listen to an edit of 'Master Sleeps' exclusively via The Quietus here:
the Quietus

The album will be available on LP/CD/DL & vinyl versions will be gatefold with artwork courtesy of Nik Payne of the Myrrors.

You can preorder the album on 'Double Ltd Beer & Cream Vinyl' Rocket Store

We have a limited amount on pre-order, the rest will be in shops both as the limited coloured at selected indie stores vinyl & standard black version elsewhere.  

Or preorder digitally here


The press release reads: 

Alive at Roadburn is Gothenburg based Hills 3rd album with Rocket Recordings.

Hot off the Swedish Psychedelia revival of the past few years and after their hailed 2015 album ‘Frid’, Hills connect the dots to their countries rich and intoxicating past with a handful of new sepia-toned tunes.

Like their predecessors unholy trinity of Pärson Sound, International Harvester and Träd Gräs och Stenar, Hills penchant to stretch out beyond, performing what feels like openly casual exhortations into intricate eastern tones and primal hypnotic rhythms, the band
illustrates that their sermons offer rational derangements of all the senses.

These four tracks sit deeply buried in oblivion, bones, skin, sweat, grooved with fearless intensity with no diminution of the interplay, spontaneity and feeling onstage, the band are entombed in mantric repetition while the vapour trail of The Byrds ‘Untitled’ epic; ‘Eight Miles High’ descend into an Elysian Field, where the dead enjoy happy tranquility, until they come to life and rise up again.

Alive in Roadburn summons the spirits of Swedish Midsummer celebration, the welcoming of the light of the longest day, as a people who have endured the long dark winter, their celebration of light, steeped in pagan roots are absorbed into the bands psyche and
these tracks sit like Cairns on the Swedish landscape, built as monuments to Hills.

The Hills are very much Alive and Burning.